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Using jatyadi tel on a daily basis: know here what benefits you might be missing on!

Jatyadi tel is one of the many wonders of Ayurveda prepared from the goodness of jasmine.

Ayurveda is a magnificent legacy that the Indian subcontinent has had the chance to pass on to the world for a long time now. The brilliance and intellect of the Indian sages gave rise to this natural treatment.

The Indian Vedas, the four holy scriptures which are believed to have all the teachings of life. There are four vedas – rigveda, samveda, yajur veda, atharva veda. There is a huge importance of these scriptures in India, especially in the Hindu religion. It is believed that the Vedas consist of the learnings of life. Many believe that since these are old scriptures, nothing about the modern world would be relevant in them. But it is not true.

Vedas provide us with learnings of not only study but other elements of the earth and activities too. It talks about botanicals, plants, music, instruments, singing, dancing, cooking, worshipping, the procedure for a puja, etc.

It is said that the Wright brothers were the first ones to build an airplane, but according to the Indian epic – Ramayana, Raavan, had a pushpak viman, much before when the world could hardly see the possibility of a flying object used for locomotion. And surprisingly, the entire process of building an aircraft is already present in the holy scriptures.

So, it is from these Vedas that the Indian sages were able to discover Ayurveda and its benefits. The importance and benefits of flora were discovered and widely used to cure the patients. The Indian sages used to believe that no wound is too deep or severe to heal. So, let us know more about jatyadi taila.


Jatyadi tel is also known as jatyadi taila or jatyadi tailam is an ayurvedic oil prepared from jasmine flowers. The other ingredients that are used for making the oil are:

  • Jatiphal
  • Neem
  • Manjistha
  • Haridra
  • Patala
  • Karang

Jatiphal, also known as nutmeg, helps increase the immune system, improves blood circulation, reduces insomnia, relieves body pains, and soothes indigestion. The nutmeg also helps in preventing leukemia and detoxifying the body from toxins.

Neem leaves have been widely popular in their use in Ayurveda. Neem is said to possess antibacterial properties and the bitterness of the neem helps in keeping away insects or foreign particles. It also helps in dental and hair care, improving the situations of both.

Manjistha is an ayurvedic oil that helps in blood purification. It reduces the inflammation of the skin and skin diseases. It is also helpful in keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

Karang is very helpful in dealing with skin-related problems. It helps to reduce eczema and heal wounds. The herb is said to have healing and anti-microbial properties in its leaves which when made used alleviates healing.

Haridra, an ingredient of jatyadi tel, can be considered as an anti-aging face cream that we all buy from the market. It has essential properties to improve the skin complexion and helps in lightening dark spots, age spots, and freckles. The herb reduces the power of powerful fibers that leads to the formation of skin breakage and wrinkles, thereby providing us with smooth skin.

Patala is an ayurvedic herb that helps in balancing the 3 doshas of the body namely: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It helps in reducing the inflammation occurring in the skin. The herb tends to leave a cooling effect, which helps in situations like itchiness or burns.


Jatyadi tel price differences among the different brands that manufacture the tel. The prices keep fluctuating due to the changes in the market. An average price range for the jatyadi tel would be Rs. 70 to 200. Within this range, a decent bottle of jatyadi tel must be available.

Also, many online options might provide us with discounts and cashback. So it is always advisable to be smart while making a purchase. So make one that suits you!


Jatyadi taila for fissures is one of the prominent uses of the tel. During fissures or anal fissures, the patient has to bear immense pain to get done with its bowel movement. Bowel movement is a natural process that cannot be stopped but the constant pain makes it unbearable. Jatyadi tel is an ayurvedic concoction that is widely known for its healing properties. It helps in reducing the symptoms coming with fissures like intolerable pain, itchiness, swelling, inflammation, etc.

The tel is useful in healing cracked heels and treating inflammation and redness occurring on the skin due to skin problems. Jatyadi tel helps fight bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections occurring on the skin effectively.

Jatyadi tel for piles is another good use of ayurvedic oil. Pile is a disease that gets diagnosed among people aged between 45 to 60. The disease is caused due to the occurrence of inflammation in the blood vessels of the rectum. This gives rise to the swollen pimple-like situation. Jatyadi tel is very useful in bringing down the inflammation and making the insufferable pain go away. The tel helps in reducing the swelling and leading to shredding off of the piles, putting an end to the problem.


In the word Ayurveda, Ayur means life and Veda means Veda meaning knowledge or science. So, Ayurveda means learning or possessing knowledge about life. The use of natural herbs and botanicals helps us in gaining useful benefits for our skin, hair, and body.

Jatyadi tel is one of the highly useful creations of Ayurveda that helps our healing. It helps in reducing the pain and heals the wounds and inflamed areas we may have on the skin.



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