Jatyadi Taila

Should you be using jatyadi taila on a daily basis? Know about some wonderful benefits of jatyadi oil here.


If you just need a plain and simple answer before venturing deep into its benefits, it is a clear yes. Jatyadi taila or Jatyadi oil is an Ayurvedic product that is packed with uncountable benefits. One of the benefits being that it is an ayurvedic product. With changing times and uncountable options to solve your problem, it has become easier to get a solution but difficult to get the right and most suitable solution. If you have piles, there would be more than a hundred medicines in different branches of medicine to deal with every different symptom.

With multiple options, it becomes difficult to try every single product and choose what is best for you. We would be reviewing one such versatile and known product for you – Jatyadi Taila.


Jatyadi Taila is an Ayurvedic oil that is known to be useful in several issues ranging from burns and cuts to piles and fistula. Several studies have proved the positive effect of the oil and stated that it is beneficial. It has healing properties that work well with most kinds of wounds. It is known to balance out Kapha and pitta dosha.


There is honestly no end to the answer to this question because of all the goodness that comes flowing with Ayurveda. To list a wide range of benefits –

·          Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural and organic substances from natural procedures, hence are mostly sustainable which makes the earth healthy.

·          Due to the natural ingredients of ayurvedic medicines, it has none to minimal side effects on the body and health and there would be no additional ailments while treating a current one.

·          Ayurveda has a holistic approach and aims to work on the whole body rather than just the issue. By doing so, it makes the entire body strong and healthy to eliminate the existing problem and protect it from future problems.

·          Ayurveda is both preventative and curative.

·          Since it works on balancing the three doshas which are known to create issues if imbalanced, it works on the entire body and not just specifics.

·          Since it is all-natural from start to end, the prices are extremely minimal and you could afford ayurvedic medicines and make them a part of your daily routine as they are extremely affordable.


·          Known to cause relief with wounds, burns, cuts, and boils.

·          Known to cause relief from fungal skin infections as it has anti-septic properties which deal with bacteria and fungi.

·          Known to deal with piles.

·          Known to cause relief from anal fissures and fistula.

·          Skin issues like inflammation and redness could be dealt with by Jatyadi taila.

·          It could help with sinus, blisters, abscess, etc. through external application.

·          Could be used to cure skin infections like eczema, syphilis, etc.

·          Beneficial for cracked heels and other dry skin areas.


As stated earlier, Jatyadi taila is extremely pocket-friendly as it is an Ayurvedic medicine. As it is made from natural ingredients and natural processes, the production cost is minimal. As a result, the market value of the finished product does not seem like a burden on your pocket. Instead, with uncountable benefits, it seems like a steal.


Ayurvedic products seem to have this unsaid benefit of no side effects. Even though this is true, there are certain things to keep in mind because of better safe than sorry. Jatyadi oil is not only safe for most people, it is safe for children, pregnant women, and new mothers who would be feeding their newborns. But before using absolutely anything on your skin, a patch test is suggested. Any product could work for most people but to know you are a part of the most or rare, run a test. The oil is for external use only and should not be taken in any other form.


It has Jasmine, which is known to release stress and make you calm. Neem, which has uncountable benefits is also a major ingredient apart from patol, mulethi, kuth, Haldi, and several others. The few ingredients mentioned are all well-known healing agents often suggested by our family members in times of need.


Jatyadi taila could be used every day and even more than once. It has uncountable benefits for your body as it is packed with some extremely healing ingredients and is known to cause relief from burns, cuts, poisonous insect bites, piles, and whatnot. Ayurveda is a huge box of wellness and you need to find the one which caters to all your needs and suits your body the best. This oil is just one of the multiple wonders that Ayurveda has to offer.



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