Jayanti oil for piles

Using jatyadi oil for piles: is it that effective?


There is a cure for everything. There is always a remedy for all ills and it is encoded in the deep-rooted Indian Vedas. These Vedas contain a treasure trove of knowledge from experts throughout history.

Ayurveda has not only recognized the little things that nature has gifted but also has discovered very effective therapies that can cure even the deadly disease. One such product is Jatyadi Oil. It is an herbal oil that is made from the Jasmine flower. Jatyadi oil for a long time is used as a 100% effective cure for all wounds.


Jatyadi Oil is also known as Jatyadi Tel. It is an Ayurvedic product made from Jasmine flower. The application of this oil heals wounds like piles, fissures, and fistula. Jatyadi oil accelerates the process of healing a wound which results in fast recovery from the diseases. Additionally, it also relieves itching, inflammation, and burning in the lesion Jatyadi oil is super beneficial in the treatment of open wounds, cuts, burns, abscesses, eczema, blisters, and non-healing wounds.

The oil is manufactured by many companies such as Sandhu, Baidyanath, Nagarjuna Herbal Care, T & B Healthcare, Jiva Ayurveda, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, etc.


Let us know how Jatyadi oils help in curing piles. Piles are also called hemorrhoids. When a person is having piles, the anus area of the person gets inflamed and swollen due to which a person faces a lot of discomfort and bleeding. This oil comes as a magical remedy for piles. So, applying this oil around the rectum and anus helps in the following way:

  1. Reduces pain, discomfort, and itching around the anus region
  2. The stool gets easily passed
  3. Swelling and bleedings are also  reduced


A proper application of the oil helps in relieving the proper piles. So in the case of  piles, the following steps should be followed:

  1. A clean cotton swab must be taken.
  2. Dip the clean cotton swab into Jatyadi oil
  3. Apply the dipped cotton swab in and around the anus area
  4. Make sure not to dip the cotton swab again in the oil after u have used it once
  5. When to use it? This oil must be used at least 4 times – before bowel movements, after a bowel movement, after taking a morning bath, and the night before going to bed.


To prepare this oil, the following ingredients are used:

  1. Leaves of Mace tree
  2. Beeswax
  3. Neem
  4. Gourd Leaves which are pointed
  5. Karanj Leaves and seed
  6. Mulethi
  7. Kuth
  8. Haldi
  9. Daruhaldi
  10. Padmaja
  11. Lodhra
  12. Neel Kamal
  13. Sesame Oil
  14. Water
  15. Copper Sulphate
  16. Sativa
  17. Haritaki

The quantity of every ingredient is different as every company has its secret recipe for preparing products!


Reviews can be positive and negative as well. There are a lot of companies that are manufacturing the same oil, thus the Jatyadi Oil piles reviews are different.

Let’s have a look at some jatyadi oil for piles reviews :

  1. Well my parents use this and they say, it gets the job done. I mean they don’t feel any pain until it wears off. Only when you apply it, for time being you will feel chill and no pain – KING NICK FOR KAMDHENU JATYADI TAILA.
  3. Perfect for external piles. It gives calmness in the burning area. Do not use coconut oil. It does nothing. My entire pile swelling is gone because of this oil’s external application.- VRUSHALI– KAMDHENU JATYADI TAILA.
  4. This oil is amazing and Nagarjuna Herbal Care made this at the Best. It’s so effective as I experienced for my fissure treatment. Very Good Product and Quality is Awesome, A Real Jatyadi Oil even better than other super brands. I recommend it.- AJAY PARASHAR-NAGARJUNA HERBAL CARE JATYADI TAILA
  5. One of the best medicinal oils for piles. Got relief with the very first usage. Superb. Amazing.-HARMINDER PAL SINGH- BAIDYANATH JHANSI JATYADI TEL


Jatyadi Oil is herbal oil. This oil is made from mixing many effective herbs in sesame oil which is then boiled so that the chemical of the material like stems, roots, or any other solid waste is filtered out. Keep in mind that the Jayanti oil for piles is only for external application, it should not be consumed. This oil is normally considered as safe, but in rare cases, it can cause skin allergies. Even pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can use this medicine. But it is always better to consult your doctor.



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