Jatyadi oil for fungal infection

Can you use jatyadi oil to recover from a fungal infection? Get the complete guidance here.

Diseases are very common in our daily lives. We can not deny the fact that we can get affected by any disease at any time. And among these diseases, infections are something that can affect anyone of any age. Infections can be caused by some fungus affecting everyone starting from a baby to an athlete. Fungal infections can be very irritating. But you can treat it easily with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has the power to heal many diseases. Among the wide range of ayurvedic products, jatyadi oil for fungal infection has been received widely.


First, let us see what a fungal infection is. Fungi or fungus is a small microorganism. They can be found in some mushrooms. These organisms can affect our body and result in an infection. There are a lot of fungi present in Nature that can cause these infections in any part of our body. One person can get multiple fungal infections at one time.

Fungal infections can happen due to many reasons. There are many fungi that are present inside of our bodies as well. In some cases, these fungi can multiply their number and increase drastically. The out of control situation can cause a fungal infection.

You can also get fungal infections that are not present inside your body by eating mushrooms. Some of the fungal infections can be very serious and put a threat to your life. That is why it is safe whenever you get an infection, start medication immediately. Otherwise, it can also spread from you to someone else.


As we know, Ayurveda has provided multiple magical remedies for infections that have been very effective for people. The gifts of Nature are used very wisely in ayurvedic medicines for the benefit of human beings. Jatyadi oil for fungal infection is a great example of the great powers of Ayurveda.

Jatyadi oil is an ayurvedic oil that is made from a lot of ayurvedic ingredients. This oil has been used as a remedy not only for fungal infections but also for wounds, burn, pain relief, etc. The power experienced by jatyadi oil for skin disease by many people suffering from a fungal infection is marvellous.


As we discussed that this oil is purely ayurvedic. The herbal and 100 percent natural ingredients of this oil treat the infection and heal it totally. The natural healing properties of the ingredients reduce the itchiness, kill the fungi, and stop the infection from spreading further. The ingredients used to make such a helpful oil are –

  1. Neem
  2. Jatipatra
  3. Patol
  4. Karanja seeds and leaves
  5. Haldi
  6. Yashtimadhu
  7. Kushta
  8. Daruhaldi
  9. Sesame oil
  10. Beeswax
  11. Manjistha
  12. Lodhra
  13. Haritaki, etc.

Most of these ingredients have the natural property of healing any kind of wound and killing fungus or bacteria. These healing properties will help you to recover from a fungal infection easily.


This herbal oil has many other benefits as well. If you are facing any problems with your hair, you can use this oil. Jatyadi oil for hair is also very effective and helps to deal with hair fall or dandruff problems. Ayurvedic oils have always been efficient to resolve any problems related to hair. And this product too helps to reduce the hair fall and makes the hair stronger and thicker.

This also helps to get relief from pain. Massaging the oil in the body part where you are facing some pain, provides relaxation. Apart from this, if you have any burns or wounds you can use jatyadi oil as well.


Jatyadi oil is very easy to apply. You can take some cotton and dip it into the oil. Rub the cotton upon the area of infection gently. To get faster recovery, you can repeat this step twice or thrice a day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You can also take some oil on your palm and massage it in your hair.

Many people all over the world have used this oil but none of them have faced any side effects yet. This oil can be used only externally and does not cause any kind of irritation or other problems.


It is very evident from our discussion that jatyadi oil for fungal infection works greatly. The result can be seen within one or two weeks if you use it regularly. The natural characteristics of all the ingredients help to get rid of such infections. You can also use it for piles, fissures, wounds, etc. It is used as an ayurvedic treatment and provides striking results.



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