Jatyadi Ghrita

The mighty would healing power of jatyadi ghrita : know amazing powers of jatyadi ghee here.

Jatyadi ghrita is one of the various marvels of ayurveda that helps us recover from a variety of body issues. It is a classical poly-herbal nature’s cure. The reason why it is called ghrita is because it has ghee as it’s base. Now , ghee itself is used for a variety of purposes in our day to day lives. It is believed to deal with the pitta dosha in the body while also treating the deep-seated wounds. It is important to mention that jatyadi ghrita is enriched with antimicrobial properties.

The following article is a deep insight into the formation as well as effectiveness of this ayurvedic remedy.


The key ingredients that go into the formation of Jatyadi ghrita or as it is commonly called – jatyadi ghee, are:

  1. Jati – Jasmine
  2. Sarpi – Ghee made of cow’s milk
  3. Nimba Patra – Neem leaves
  4. Tuttha – Blue vitriol
  5. Jala – Water
  6. Patola Patra – Pointed Gourd
  7. Naktahva – Indian Beech
  8. Madhuka – Licorice
  9. Katuka – Picrorhiza
  10. Mulethi – Sweet root
  11. Nisha – Turmeric
  12. Sikta – Honey bee wax
  13. Darvi – Indian Barberry
  14. Manjistha – Indian Madder
  15. Abhaya – Haritaki
  16. Sariva – Indian Sarsaparilla


Jatyadi ghrita can be easily prepared by combining all the above stated herbal ingredients and heating them till they start boiling. It is then cooled and stored in a vessel. One can easily prepare it at home if only all the ingredients required are available in the appropriate amount. For convenience, the product is easily available in the ready-made form on various online as well as online sources.


Jatyadi ghrita serves various purposes. It is a herbal remedy that can be a befitting solution for various body ailments. It is important to note that the ayurvedic product is only recommended to be used for external purposes. Consumption of the Jatyadi ghrita in food, just because it has ghee – an edible ingredient, in its base, can be really harmful for health.

The usefulness of Jatyadi ghrita can be stated in the following manner:

  1. It is used for treating the wounds that are deep seated but have a small opening.
  2. It is used for calming the pitta dosha in the body.
  3. It is used for treating serious non-responsive wounds that might secrete.
  4. It is used for the purification of wounds.
  5. It is used for treating wounds that are found within tracts or cavities.
  6. It is used for healing of wounds which is also known as Rohanti.
  7. It is used for treating wounds that produce slimy discharge.

To sum it up in simple words, Jatyadi ghrita is useful for healing ulcers, burns and wounds. Jatyadi ghrita for fissure treatment is one of the many examples associated with the uses of this ayurvedic remedy.

Of the many known body ailments, the below listed are few of the problems in which the consumption of Jatyadi ghrita is advised by ayurveda:

  1. Balaroga
  2. Karsya
  3. Vandhyatva
  4. Balagraha
  5. Yoni Vikara
  6. Uterine disorders
  7. Sukravikara
  8. Garbhini Roga
  9. Habitual Abortion


Only the perfect application of a medicine can be helpful in relieving the symptoms and providing relaxation for the problem. The method of applying Jatyadi ghee is simple.

  1. The affected region needs to be washed with water gently but thoroughly.
  2. Pat dry the wound gently.
  3. Dip a cotton cloth in Jatyadi ghrita and spread it over the wound. The other method involves pouring of melter ghee on the affected region. This process is also termed as Ghrita dhara.


Ayurveda has been the savior of humanity for centuries now. This oldest form of medication has helped us evolve through all kinds of ailments to be a better version of ourselves. The most amazing feature of ayurvedic remedies is that a majority of ingredients involved in the process are easily available to the public.

Ayurveda helps us begin a treatment at home which is not only convenient but cost-effective. With a doctor’s guidance, a lot of patience and perseverance, ayurvedic remedies can help us deal with various body issues in the easiest way possible.


Jatyadi ghrita can be an effective solution for various types of ulcers, burns as well as wounds. This age-old remedy has been believed to reduce inflammation as well as the development of microbes in the affected region. Furthermore, the healing properties of Jatyadi ghrita are capable of contracting the wounds as well as the formation of granular tissues in and around it. It also initiates the thickening of the wound edges also known as re-epithelialization, which is a major sign of healing.

While the ghrita has been proven to be an effective medicine, it is still advisable to consult a doctor not only before consuming the product, but also after the consumption of the ayurvedic product if no visible change is observed.



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